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Practical information about advertising in Egmont Publishing’s magazines and weeklies.

Practical Information about Submitting Advertisements
Advertisements, to be printed in Egmont's magazines, must be in PDF format and delivered to us through our advertising portal, Simple AD:
The most important requirements for advertisements are as following:
The advertisement must be a PDF version 1.4.
The image resolution must be at least 300 dpi in print size.
If the advertisement contains spot colors or Pantone, it will automatically be converted to CMYK.
Black text smaller than 24 pt must be pure black.
If the advertisement contains a QR code, it must be made in pure black.
There must not be any layers in the PDF document.
All fonts must be included.
Conversion from RGB to CMYK must be done with ISOcoated_v2_300_eci.icc.
The advertisement must be submitted with crop marks and 5 mm bleed.
All text and important image elements must be placed min. 10 mm within the cropped area.

Particular for Double-Sided Advertisements in Perfectly Bounded Magazines:
If an image crosses the centerline of the advertisement, it should be considered that the image will be shifted approx. 2.5 mm on each side of the back (and 5 mm if the advertisement is placed on page 2-3).
Ghent Workgroup, who maintains advertisement specifications for the magazines, has a wide range of descriptions and helping material that makes it easier to create great PDF documents. Everything can be found and downloaded at We strongly recommend that you download the settings files that are appropriate for your programs - typically a job option for InDesign - this will ensure that most of the above requirements for the PDF advertisement are automatically followed.
First, it is important that you make sure to have installed the icc profile ISOcoated_v2_300_eci.icc for CMYK conversion. Here you can download a package of standard profiles from eci, including ISOcoated_v2_300_eci.icc.

NOTE! All text in advertisements for RUM International publications must be in English.

Advertorials or Ads that Can Be Confused with Editorial Content

All advertorials and advertisements that may be confused with editorial content must be clearly marked with the word ADVERTISEMENT.

Clearly means it must be written in capital letters and bold font in sufficiently large font size.

On the right-hand pages, the marking must be placed in the upper right corner of the advertisement, and on the left-hand pages, the marking must be placed in the upper left corner of the advertisement.

Double-sided advertisements must be marked with the word ADVERTISEMENT on both the right and left side.

Egmont Publishing A/S reserves the right to add the word ADVERTISEMENT to advertisements that may be confused with editorial content.
If the marking ADVERTISEMENT on an advertisement appears unclear, Egmont Publishing A/S reserves the right to change the font.


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