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A magazine for all the girls who loves horses and horseback riding!

In 1995, the Wendy magazine was published for the first time, which means that it can celebrate its 25th anniversary next year.
Wendy is all of Denmark’s horse magazine. In each number you will get a portrait of different breeds with plenty of beautiful pictures of horses, the funniest horse tests, Wendy’s riding school with information about horses and letter boxes. The magazine is filled with the best strip cartoons about Wendy all of her friends and the horses at Lindehøj. Additionally, you can read about the strip carton about the two silly horses Snobby and Snuske. Inside the magazine there is two pretty posters of horses so you can decorate your walls at home.

Publications and subscriptions
The Wendy magazine is published every month and can be bought in the largest supermarkets and newsstands or sold as a subscription via
if you are interest in the exact publication dates you can use our publication plan.

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