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About Us
Unique Social was founded by Unique Models and Egmont Publishing to create transparency in the market, providing insides to marketeers and creating the best setting for influencers who want to benefit from the support of a professional management team.
Furthermore Unique Social finds a solid foundation in Unique Models’ more than 30 years of experience in working with the management of various profiles.

At Unique Social we advise and customise authentic marketing campaigns for brands that want to work professionally with influencers. We believe in data, transparency, and most importantly; in people.

How We Work
It is essential that the values and interests of the influencer are consistent with the company’s.
That is why we believe influencer marketing should not be a quick fix, but, on the contrary, a long-term partnership between the influencer and the company were values, experiences, knowledge and information are shared between the two parties to create a trustworthy corporation.

- Brand Ambassadors
- Content Creation
- Concept
- Instagram
- Events / Co-hosting

At Unique Social we prioritise transparency, we guarantee brand safety and secure high
performance through data driven and verified:
- Influencer identification
- Pricing
- Benchmark towards campaign KPIs
- Tracking of collaborations
- Reporting and evaluation

Woomio is a data tool that among other things can:
- Set up tracking on collaborations
- Provide insight into the influencer’s followers, engagement and target group
- Act as a KPI tool for the influencers, who can access their data
- Generate a final report after the end of the campaign, where performance is evaluated on reach, engagement, impressions etc.

At Unique Social, we co-operate with both internal and external profiles. It is vital to us that the profiles represent our values and our mission and at the same time, meet the parameters and objectives required for the campaign.
- Target group match
- Credibility
- Visual profile
- Content creation
- Brand match
- KPI match
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