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Beetle Bailey

Beetle Bailey

Denmark’s no. 1 magazine for a good mood!
In 1950, Mort Walker created Beetle Bailey. In the beginning, the comic strip took place in a university setting, but in 1952 Beetle Bailey was summoned for military service where he has been ever since, due to a failed attempt to be discharged in 1954.
Fairly unnoticed, the first Beetle Bailey magazine was published March 15th 1972, as a new title among many others. The magazine contains many different stories to get you in a good mood. It is in the Beetle Bailey magazine that you will find Zits, Hagar, Hjalmar and plenty more!
We know that the Beetle Bailey is our bestseller and that is why the main emphasis of the magazine's content is Beetle Bailey.
Beetle Bailey is published every second week and can be bought in the largest supermarkets and newsstands and is sold as a subscription via
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